Reviews and Visual Marketing

Basic Yotpo settings are accessed in the Admin > Stores > Configuration > Yotpo > Reviews and Visual Marketing. Yotpo settings default as follows.

See also Yotpo documentation for information on mapping order statuses sent to Yotpo, sync settings, manually adding Yotpo’s Reviews Widget to product pages, and manually placing Star Ratings on category pages.


To view Yotpo Setup fields, you must select the store view in the Default Config drop-down.

Yotpo Default Setup Settings

Field Scope Description
Enable Yotpo Store View Determines if the Yotpo reviews widget is enabled for the store viewport. Options: Yes / No
App Key Store View Enter the App Key value from your Yotpo account settings.
API Secret Store View Enter the API Secret value from your Yotpo account settings.

To find your App Key and API Sectret values in your Yotpo account settings, see Finding your Yotpo App Key and API Secret.

Widget Settings

Yotpo Default Widget Settings

Field Scope Description
Show Reviews Widget Store View Displays Yotpo review information on the individual product page. Options: Yes / No. See The Reviews Widget.
Show star rating on category pages Store View Displays a product’s star rating at the category level. Options: Yes / No. See Star Rating.
Show star rating on product pages Store View Displays a product’s star rating on the individual product page. Options: Yes / No. See Star Rating.
Show Q&A Bottom-line Store View Displays the Q&A feature on the product page. Allows customers to ask questions regarding a specific product. The questions will be directed to the Yotpo account owner and to customers who had previously purchased the product. Options: Yes / No. See Q&A Feature.
Hide Magento Reviews Store View Hides the Commerce Product Reviews feature from product and category pages. Options: Yes / No
Enable Debug Mode Store View Enable debug mode to log all Yotpo processes (log file: var/log/system.log). Options: Yes / No

Sync Settings

Yotpo Default Sync Settings

Field Default Description
Sync Status   Displays the sync progress, last sync date and total number of synced orders with Yotpo.
Orders Sync From Date Store View Set the initial date for syncing Commerce orders to Yotpo (90 days retroactive).
Orders Sync Limit Store View Defines the maximum number of orders to send to Yotpo in a single transmission.
Orders Sync Statuses Store View Defines the order status(es) that are sent to Yotpo. Default is Complete. Multiple order statuses can be selected by pressing the Ctrl/Cmd on your keyboard. Options: Canceled / Closed /Complete / Suspected Fraud / On Hold / Payment Review / PayPal Canceled Reversal / PayPal Reversed / Pending / Pending Payment / Pending PayPal / Processing

To change the settings for any of these fields, you must clear the Use Website checkbox.