Address Cleansing

Stores > Settings > ConfigurationSales > Address Cleansing

Vertex Address Cleansing settings - enabled

Using storefront address cleansing requires that you first configure the Vertex Tax Calculations to connect to your Vertex Cloud account.

Field Scope Description
Vertex Address Cleansing Website Enables Vertex Address Validation to prompt correction of the address information on both the shipping and billing steps of the one-page checkout. Options: Enable / Disable
Address Validation API URL Store View The URL that is used to validate the connection between Commerce and Vertex Cloud address services. This value should match the URL displayed in your Vertex Connectors page for the Commerce connector in the Address Lookup URL field. Default value:
Trusted ID Website The identifier that is associated with your Vertex Cloud account. To find your Vertex Trusted ID, go to Settings > View All Connectors from the dashboard of Vertex Cloud.
Confirmation Message When No Action Is Needed Store View Enables display of the address cleansing message when the updated address information is validated as correct. Options: Enable / Disable
Legacy WebAPI Website Allow use of the /V1/vertex-address-validation endpoint. Note: This endpoint is not closed off to outside use and can theoretically be used to run calls through the Vertex Address Cleansing API that you have not authorized. Only enable this setting if you have a custom integration that uses the API and need it temporarily during transition.