Inserting an Image

From the editor, you can insert an image that has been uploaded to Media Storage, link to an image that resides on another server or use the Adobe Stock Integration to search for and use Adobe Stock assets.

Media Storage

Method 1: Insert an Image from Media Storage

  1. If necessary, click Show / Hide Editorto work directly with the code.

  2. Position the cursor where you want the code for the image to be inserted. Then, click Insert Image.

  3. Choose the image that you want to use, and click Insert File.

  4. To view the image in WYSIWYG mode, click Show / Hide Editor again.

Method 2: Insert an Image from Another Server

Use this method to insert an image that is available online, but resides on another server. You must have the full URL of the image to complete the process.

  1. If necessary, click Show / Hide Editor to work in WYSIWYG mode.

  2. Position your cursor where you want the image to appear.

  3. On the Editor toolbar, click Insert Image. Then, do the following:

    Insert Image Button

    • In the Image URL field, paste the full URL to the image on the other server.

    • In the Image Description field, enter a brief description of the image.

    • In the Title field, enter a relevant title for the image.

  4. Click Insert to complete the process.

Method 3: Use the Adobe Stock Integration

If you have an Adobe Stock plan associated to your Adobe account, you can search for, license and save from the millions of available assets provided by the Stock service. See Using Adobe Stock Images.