Content Staging Dashboard

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The Content Staging Dashboard provides an overview of all active and upcoming campaigns. The format of the dashboard can be changed from a grid to a timeline. You can also use filters to find campaigns, customize the column layout, and save different views of the grid. For more information about the workspace controls, see Admin Workspace.

Staging dashboard in grid view

View the staging dashboard

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Content > Content Staging > Dashboard.

  2. To change the format of the dashboard, set the View As control to list, Grid, or Timeline.

    Timeline view

    When the timeline is displayed, the slider in the lower-right corner can be used to adjust the view from one to four weeks. Each column represents one day.

  3. If the timeline is displayed, drag the slider to the 4w position on the far right to view a longer span of time.

    Four-week view

  4. Click any item on the page to display general information about the campaign.

    • To open the campaign, click View/Edit.

    • To see how the campaign will look to customers in the store on that day, click Preview.

    Campaign information

Grid column descriptions

Column Description
Status Campaign’s status. Active or Upcoming.
Update Name The name of the campaign.
Includes Defines how many objects are included in the campaign.
Start Time The date when the campaign starts.
End Time The date when the campaign ends.
Description Additional description of each campaign.
Action The actions that can be applied to an individual record include:
View/Edit - Opens the campaign in edit mode.
Preview - Displays the campaign in preview mode.