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The term content marketing refers to the art of promoting your products or services by providing valuable information to your customers at no charge. The quality of your content helps distinguish your store from others, increases your visibility to search engines, and provides support to your customers. This soft-sell approach is often more effective than advertising, builds credibility and trust, and can turn your store into a destination. Content is still king.

Your content should reflect the branding of your store, and be delivered with your distinctive visual presentation and voice to convey your message. Use pictures to tell a story. Educate, inspire, and entertain. Keep in mind that with quality content, sometimes less is more.

Content Menu

Display the Content menu

On the Admin sidebar, choose Content.


Create pages with text, images, blocks, variables, and widgets, that can be incorporated into the navigation of your store, and linked to other pages.

  • Then, organize your pages into a hierarchy with navigation.


Create blocks of content without writing any code. Blocks can contain text, images, and even video, and can be assigned to any part of the page layout.

Banners (Deprecated)

Create banners that are triggered by promotions and that appear only to customers in specific, targeted segments.

Dynamic Blocks

Create rich, interactive content that is driven by logic from price rules and customer segments.


Widgets display dynamic data and add blocks, links, and interactive elements most anywhere in your store.


Learn to manage the visual presentation of your store, apply themes, and schedule design changes.


Content Staging gives your business team the ability to easily create, preview, and schedule a wide range of content updates directly from the Admin of your store.