Rotating Banners

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DEPRECATED: Page Builder’s advanced content tools replace the previous banner functionality as described in this topic. We keep this content in the user guide as a convenience for those whose stores have customizations that prevent them from using Page Builder.

A banner rotator can be used to display a single banner, or multiple banners in a specific sequence or random order. The next banner in the sequence appears whenever the page is refreshed.

The banner rotator is a widget that can be assigned to a specific page, product, or category, and placed most anywhere in your store. In addition, banner rotators can be associated with a specific cart or catalog price rule.

Step 1: Create the individual banners

Create the individual banners that you want to include in the rotator.

Step 2: Add a widget

Follow the basic steps to add a widget.

  • Set Type to Banner Rotator.

  • Under Layout Updates, choose the page and location where the banner rotator is to appear.

Step 3: Configure the banner rotator

  1. In the left panel, choose Widget Options and do the following:

    • Set Banners to Display to Specified Banners.

    • (Optional) To limit the banner to a certain area of the page, set Restrict by Banner Types to the place on the page where you want the banner to appear.

    • Set Rotation Mode to one of the following:

      • Do not rotate, display all at once
      • One at a time, Random
      • One at a time, Series
      • One at a time, Shuffle
  2. To choose the banners to be included in the rotator, do the following:

    • In the Specify Banners section, use Search to find the banners you want to include. If necessary, click Reset Filter to list all the available banners.

    • Select the checkbox of each banner you want to include in the rotator.

    • To set the sequence of each banner in relation to the others, enter a number in the Position column. To place a banner in the first position, enter 1.

  3. When complete, click Save.

Option Description
Display On Categories Determines the categories where the banner rotator appears.
Anchor Categories - Appears only on anchored category pages listed in the layered navigation.
Non-Anchor Categories - Appears only on non-anchored category pages, which are category pages that are not shown in the layered navigation.
Products - Displays the banner rotator for a specific product, or type of product. Options: All Product Type / Simple Product / Grouped Product / Configurable Product / Bundle Product / Virtual Product / Gift Card
Categories Displays the banner rotator for only the categories selected.
Block Reference Assigns the banner rotator to a specific location by reference. Options: Breadcrumbs / Left Column / Main Content Area / My Cart Extra Actions / Navigation Bar / Page Bottom / Page Footer Before / Page Footer Bottom / Page Header / Page Top / Right Column / Store Language
Option Description
Banners to Display Options: Specified Banners / Shopping Cart Promotions Related / Catalog Promotions Related
Restrict by Banner Types Limits the banner to a certain section. Options: Content Area / Footer / Header / Left Column / Right Column
Rotation Mode Select the rotation mode for the banners. Options:
Do not rotate - Display one banner after the other, in a stack where all are visible.
One at a time, Random - Displays the banners that you specify in a randomly generated order. Every time the page is refreshed, a different (and random) banner appears.
One at the time, Series - Displays the banners that you specify by the order of their position every time the page is refreshed.
One at the time, Shuffle - Displays one banner at a time in a shuffled position order. This option is similar to the One at a time, Random option, except that the same banner does not repeat back-to-back (unless you have only one banner).
Specify Banners Select the banners to include from the list of available banners.