Using Adobe Stock Images

Adobe Stock images can be used in place of uploading your own image content. One common use case is, when creating a new page, it is desirable to upload and place image content.

The new Media Gallery provides a direct integration with Adobe Stock, making it easy to license your images directly from the gallery page.

Access the Adobe Stock search grid

The Adobe Stock search panel is accessible when you add or edit a page, when you create or edit a category, or when you insert images via the Content Editor.

To search Adobe Stock assets and add a stock image to a page:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Content > Elements > Pages.

  2. Click Add a New Page.

    If you want to edit an existing page, you can use the Action column to click Select and choose Edit.

  3. Expand Expansion selector the Content section and do the following:

    • If you have WYSIWYG mode disabled, click Insert Image.

    • If you have WYSIWYG mode enabled, click Show/Hide Editor and then click Insert Image.

    • If you have Page Builder enabled, expand the Media panel and drag an Image placeholder to the target container. Then click Select from Gallery.

      Drag Image to Stage

    • If you have the WYSIWYG editor enabled, click Show/Hide Editor and then click Insert Image.

  4. Click Search Adobe Stock.

To search Adobe Stock assets and add a stock image to a category:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Catalog > Categories.

  2. Click Add Root Category or Add Subcategory.

    If you want to add the image to an existing category, click the category name in the list on the left.

  3. Expand the Content section, and under Category Image click Select from Gallery.

  4. Click Search Adobe Stock.

To search Adobe Stock assets and add a stock image from the WYSIWYG Editor:

  1. Click Show/Hide Editor.

  2. Click Insert Image.

  3. Click Search Adobe Stock.

    Adobe Stock search results Adobe Stock search results

Filter and Search for Adobe Stock Assets

The Adobe Stock Search Grid provides querying and filtering functionality to help you find the perfect image for your Magento stores.

By default, the search results shown are from an Adobe Stock curated gallery of a few hundred results. As soon as you apply your own keyword search, you will be searching the millions of assets available via Adobe Stock.

Search for Adobe Stock Assets by Keywords

  1. Access the Adobe Stock Search grid.

  2. Enter your keyword search into the Search by keyword input field in the top-left and click the magnifying glass or press Enter.

    Adobe Stock Search Results for the "mango" keyword Adobe Stock search results - “mango” keyword

Filter Adobe Stock Assets

  1. Run a keyword search for Adobe Stock assets.

  2. Click Filters.

    There are several filters available to refine your search results:

    Filter Description
    Subcategory Filter for images that are Photos or Illustrations
    Orientation Filter for images by size, shape, and aspect
    Color Use a color pallette to filter for images by color
    Price Filter for images based on their cost
    Safe search Enable or disable Safe search
    Isolated Assets Show only Isolated Assets, which have subjects appear alone on a solid background

    Adobe Stock search filters Adobe Stock Search Filters

  3. Click Apply Filters.

    The search result grid is updated with your refined search.

View Image Details

Each image has details available for viewing. Additional image-specific actions, such as saving image previews or saving (and optionally licensing) images, are available via this detailed view.

  1. Access the Adobe Stock Search grid.

  2. Click an image in the search results.

    Further image details are displayed, such as:

    • A larger version of the image
    • Image metadata, such as Dimensions, File type, Category, File#, and Keywords
    • Related images, such as images from the same series or model
    • Action buttons, such as Save Preview and Save (and optionally license) Image

    Adobe Stock image details Adobe Stock image details

Log In to Your Adobe Account

To gain complete access to an image and eliminate the Adobe Stock watermark, you must sign in with an Adobe account and purchase credits to license rights to use an image.

  1. Access the Adobe Stock Search grid.

  2. Click Sign In at the top-right.

    A new browser window guides you through the Adobe sign-in process.

    After completing the sign-in process, the licensed state of images is displayed in search results as an additional label.

    Adobe sign in Adobe account sign in

View the Licensed State of Search Results

Log in to your Adobe account.

All licensed images associated to your Adobe account will have an additional label displayed on them, making it clear which images you have licensed.

Adobe Stock search results with licensed images Search Results with Licensed Images

Save Images to the Media Storage

Images searched for via the Adobe Stock Integration can be saved to the Magento Media Storage for easy re-use across your Magento store.

You can save two types of images: an image preview or a licensed image.