Weighted Search

Product attributes that are enabled for catalog search can be assigned a weight to give them a higher value in search results. Attributes with a greater weight are returned before those with a lower weight. For example, if there are two attributes in the system, color with a search weight of 3 and description with a search weight of 1. A search for the word red returns a list of products with a color attribute value of red, but does not return products with descriptions that contain the word red. In this example, the color attribute has a greater defined weight than the description attribute.

Search Weight

Set the search weight properties of an attribute

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Attributes > Product.

  2. Find the attribute in the list and open in edit mode.

  3. In the left panel, choose Storefront Properties and do the following:

    • To include the attribute in search queries, set Use in Search to Yes.

    • To establish the search value of the attribute, set Search Weight to a number from 1 to 10, where 10 has the highest priority. If no value is entered, all attributes default to a search weight of 1.

  4. When complete, click Save Attribute.