Minimum Advertised Price

Merchants are sometimes prohibited from displaying a price that is lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) gives you the ability to remain in compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements while offering your customers a better price. Because requirements differ from one manufacturer to another, you can configure your store to prevent the display of your actual price on pages where it is not allowed to appear according to the terms of the manufacturer.

How does it work?

The Minimum Advertised Price feature adds a dedicated “Click for Price” button instead of the regular product price. Therefore, if the price in your store is below the minimum set price for that product, the price is either not displayed, or the list/market price is displayed with a strikethrough to emphasize that your price is lower. If the buyer clicks the “Click to find out the price” button, only then does the actual price at which you are selling the product become visible.

Additionally, the Minimum Advertised Price feature allows you to suggest some improvements. For example, when a customer adds such a product to their cart, they are not redirected to the cart, and instead there are offers displayed that allow the buyer to:

  • Remove an item from the cart (this can be done if the buyer just wants to clarify the price and has not yet made a purchase decision)

  • Leave it in their shopping cart and keep shopping

  • Proceed to checkout


The Minimum Advertised Price feature is not enabled by default. If you want to add this capability to your store, you must enable it and configure the MAP settings for your products. See Configuring MAP.