Some visitors to your site rely on keyboard controls for navigation —rather than a mouse — while others might use touch or voice commands. Although keyboard navigation controls vary by browser and platform, the Tab key is commonly used to move the focus through the fields, links, and buttons on a page. To learn more, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

For more information about Accessibility, see Accessibility Guidelines in DevDocs.


Next Page Alt + Right
Previous Page Alt + Left
Next Field Tab
Previous Field Shift + Tab

Mac OS

Next Page Cmd + Right
Previous Page Cmd + Left
Next Field Tab
Previous Field Shift-Tab


Button - choose Enter (Return)
Link - go to Enter (Return)
Options - navigate Up, Down, Left, Right
Options - choose Spacebar
Slider Left, Right, Home, End
Close Esc
Scroll Vertically PgUp, PgDn
Scroll Horizontally Left, Right