Managing Inventory Quantities

The following information details how to assign sources and quantities for new products or making changes to existing products.

When creating new products, assign sources and quantities during product creation. See Product Types documentation for full instructions. These pages includes Single and Multi Source information for sources and quantities per source.

When first accessing an upgraded Commerce with Inventory Management, all products and quantities are assigned to the Default Source. When importing new products via .csv file, they are also assigned to the Default Source.

Single and Multi Source merchants can update sources, inventory quantities, and thresholds per product or in bulk.

  • Single Source merchants can update product quantities for the Default Source; this is the total amount of products available for sale.

  • Multi Source merchants can assign multiple sources and quantities per product for each location (warehouses, stores, drop shippers, etc). We recommend having Sources added prior to setting product inventory amounts.

When adding sources and quantities to your products, you can view the amounts through the Product Grid. If you have a high number of sources, hover the Quantity per Source to see the full, scrollable list of sources with current quantities.

Product quantities per source

You have the following options to assign inventory to products: