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Scheduled Changes

Category updates can be applied on schedule, and grouped with other content changes. You can create a new campaign based on scheduled changes to the category, or apply the changes to an existing campaign. To learn more, see Content Staging.

Scheduled Changes

Schedule an update to a category

  1. Go to the Categories page and open a category in edit mode.

  2. In the Scheduled Changes box at the top of the page, click Schedule New Update.

  3. With the Save as a New Update option selected, set the basic parameters for the update:

    • For Update Name, enter a name for the new content staging campaign.

    • Enter a brief Description of the update and how it is to be used.

    • Use the Calendar () tool to choose the Start Date and End Date for the campaign.

  4. Make any changes necessary to the scheduled update.

  5. When complete, click Save.