Managing a Shared Catalog

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The Shared Catalogs page provides access to the tools you need to manage your shared catalogs. The page is similar to the standard Admin workspace, with filters and action controls. The grid lists all shared catalogs, including the default public shared catalog, and any custom catalogs that you have set up.

Shared Catalog Actions

The Actions controls in the upper-left corner can be used with the mass actions control to delete selected shared catalogs that are no longer needed. In the grid, the Actions column contains the full selection of tools to manage your shared catalogs.

Actions controls

Control Description
Set Pricing and Structure Determines the product selection and custom pricing that is available in the shared catalog.
Assign Companies Determines which companies can access a custom shared catalog.
General Settings Determines the catalog detail information, including the name, catalog type, customer tax class, and description.
Delete Deletes the selected shared catalog(s).