Updating Category Permissions

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Category permissions are automatically set to Allow for products that are added from the category tree to a shared catalog. You can later adjust the permissions, or create additional rules, as needed.

When the shared catalog B2B feature is enabled in the configuration, each category permission for the catalog is set to Deny for all customer groups automatically. Additionally, when a new category is created, it has the Deny category permissions by default to prevent showing that category on the storefront site before assignment to the shared catalog.

Update category permissions

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Catalog > Categories.

  2. In the category tree, select the category of the products that you want to update.

    To include all products, select the top-level category in the tree.

  3. Scroll down and expand the Category Permissions section.

  4. Click New Permission and do the following:

    New Permission

    • Choose the Customer Group that corresponds to the shared catalog and change the permission settings as needed.

      Category Permissions Rule

    • To create a new permissions rule for another customer group, click New Permissions and repeat the process.
    • To delete a permission rule, click the Trash can icon.
  5. When complete, click Save.

When Browsing Category = Deny permission is set for any parent category, it is not displayed on the Breadcrumb Trail on the child category page.