Getting Started with Magento BI

Magento BI is a cloud-based data management and analytics platform. Magento BI provides you with the ability to easily consolidate and manage your data sources, model your data, create charts and reports, and maintain a single source of truth.

Activating your Magento BI Account

When you activate your Magento BI account, you are connecting your Magento database to Magento BI and immediately getting access to five dashboards with approximately 100 reports. These reports are designed to provide insights around your data and answer questions like: “How are my orders growing month-over-month?”, “Who are my most loyal customers?”, and “Is my coupon strategy working?”.

How to Get Help

Click here to learn about the customer support services available to Magento BI subscribers.

How to Use this Guide

This guide contains the following sections that are organized based on what role you might have within your organization.

  • Data User — You use data to help make business decisions. You might receive reports and dashboards from a data analyst on your team, but you also want to learn how to create those reports and dashboards.
  • Data Analyst — You are comfortable designing queries and being the go-to person for data analysis. You know how to find specific answers to data questions and want to facilitate a self-service experience for your colleagues.
  • Administrator — You manage the Magento BI account including licensing, adding and removing users, and handling essential administrative tasks.

In addition to the above role-based workflows, this guide also contains:

  • Best Practices — Magento BI is a robust and flexible platform which means there are many different ways to perform similar tasks. This section pulls together Magento’s recommended methods for capturing, analyzing, and viewing your data.
  • Tutorials — Follow these self-guided tutorials to learn the power of Magento BI.