Expected Trello data

After you’ve connected your Trello account, you can use the Data Warehouse Manager to easily track relevant data fields for analysis.

In this article, we’ll explore the main data tables that you can import from Trello into Magento BI. After setup is complete, the following tables will be created in your data warehouse:

Table Name Description
trello_actions This table contains all actions pertaining to cards, including the lists that a card belongs to and the user that performed the action.
trello_boards This table contains all boards that the connection has access to. Fields include the board name, description, labels and preferences.
trello_cards This table contains all the details for each card including current state, badges, description and additional meta information about the card. Sub tables include labels, members and check lists.
trello_lists This table contains all of the lists the connection has access to. Details include list status, name, board, and position.
trello_users This table contains information about users, including full name and user name.