Expected Shopify data

Using our Data Warehouse Manager, you can easily track relevant data fields from your Shopify account for analysis.

Here we explore some of the main data tables that you import from Shopify into Magento BI, as well as links to additional documentation about each dataset.

Table name Description
Customer The series of customer tables record customer-level attributes such as an individual's email address, registration date and name. This allows you to analyze different customer segments and their buying behaviors.
Checkouts The series of checkouts tables record all abandoned carts, defined by Shopify as any time a customer has entered billing & shipping info, but has yet to complete their purchase. If an abandoned cart is retrieved by a customer and the order is ultimately completed, the cart_token field will match the cart_token field in the orders table. This dataset allows you to track your cart abandonment rate.
Orders The series of orders tables record all order details, including the grand_total amount used to calculate your revenue. This is foundation of your to revenue and order count metrics.
Orders_line_items The orders_line_items table is a child of the order table that records an order's line-item details. For orders with multiple products, each product will have its own data row in this table, including a product_id that allows you to tie it to additional product details.
Products The products table records all product information and attributes, which can be linked to the orders_line_items table to enable the segmentation of metrics, like the count of items sold or revenue, by product categories.
Transactions The transactions table contains all financial transaction details related to an order. An order will have multiple transactions if more than one payment method was used. For example, a customer may have paid using both a credit card and a gift card, which would result in two transactions being recorded. The transaction's gateway column exposes the payment method used (e.g. credit card, gift card, etc.).