Expected Salesforce data

After the Salesforce setup is complete, a table for each queryable object - named sf_/{sobject-name} - will be created in your data warehouse. Note that the structure (columns) of each table is dependent on the fields contained in the object.

To get a list of objects available to your organization, refer to Salesforce's Get a List of Objects documentation. After you have a list of objects, check out the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) section of Salesforce's documentation to see how entities relate to each other.

Unsupported Objects

At this time, Salesforce does not currently expose the following objects in their API:

  • Announcement
  • Attachment
  • ContentDocumentLink
  • External objects - What is an External Object?
  • CollaborationGroupRecord
  • ContentDocument
  • ContentDocumentLink
  • FeedItem
  • FieldDefinition
  • IdeaComment
  • ListViewChartInstance
  • Order
  • PlatformAction

  • KnowledgeArticleVersion
  • NewsFeed
  • RecentlyViewed
  • TopicAssignment
  • UserRecordAccess
  • UserProfileFeed
  • Vote