Connecting Square and Expected Square Data

Requires Admin permissions

Some information was used with permission from our friends at Stitch.

The Square integration (currently in beta) takes the transactional data that lives at the heart of your business and connects it with your larger data ecosystem.

Connecting Square

  1. Go to the Integrations page under Manage Data > Integrations.
  2. Click the Add Integration button, located on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click the Square icon. Give the integration a name.
  4. You will be taken to a page to enter in your Square credentials. Upon completion of the authorization process, you will be redirected back to Magento BI.

Expected Square Data

Here is a list of the tables we recommend you sync to your data warehouse. Note that this isn't an exhaustive list, as there are quite a few subtables. We're only highlighting the core tables.

  • bank_accounts
    • Represents a merchant's bank account.
  • cash_drawer_shifts
    • Represents all cash drawer activity that takes place during a single cash drawer shift.
  • categories
    • Represents an item category.
  • discounts
    • Represents a discount that can be applied to a payment. A discount can be either a percentage or a flat amount. You can determine a particular discount's type by checking which of rate or amount_money is included in the object.
  • employees
    • Represents one of a business' employees.
  • fees
    • Represents a tax or other fee that can be applied to a payment.
  • inventory
    • Represents inventory information for one of a merchant's item variations.
  • items
    • Represents a merchant's item.
  • location
    • Provides details for a business' locations.
  • modifier_lists
    • Represents an item modifier.
  • orders
    • Contains summary information for a merchant's online store orders.
  • pages
    • Represents a favorites page in the iPad version of Square Point of Sale.
  • payments
    • Represents a payment taken by a Square merchant.
  • refunds
    • Represents a refund initiated by a Square merchant.
  • roles
    • Contains summary information for all of a business' employee roles.
  • settlements
    • This table contains summary information for all deposits and withdraws initiated by Square to a merchant’s bank account. This table does not contain entry data, which lists the individual transactions that contribute to the settlement total.
  • timecards
    • Contains summary info for all of a business' employee time cards.