Expected Desk.com data

After you have connected your Desk.com account, you can use the Data Warehouse Manager to easily track relevant data fields for analysis.

In this article, we’ll explore the main data tables that you can import from Desk.com into your Magento BI account, including links to additional documentation about Desk.com data.

Table name Description
Cases The cases table records all case details, including the created_at and resolved at timestamps used to calculate the time to resolution. The cases table may also include an optional customer_id, which allows you to tie a case back to the customers table, and a _links_~_assigned_user_~_href column, which links the case to an agent in the users table. The differences between the customers and users tables are outlined below.
Users The users table includes all details on your support agents, including the agent’s name and email. This allows you to analyze the performance of your agents by their response time and resolution time.
Customers The customers table includes the account details for all customers, including the individual’s name, email, and address. This allows you to analyze different customer segments and their engagement level with your Desk.com platform.
Replies The replies table records all customer and agent responses to a specific case, including the created_at timestamp associated with the response. Each reply includes a case_id linking it to the **cases **table, which allows you to analyze the time to first agent response.