Importing Linkshare data

To bring your Linkshare data into Magento BI, you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Export the Linkshare data in CSV format
  2. Upload the spreadsheet into Magento BI

Export data from Linkshare

  1. In your Linkshare account, go to Reports > Run Reports.

  2. In the Report drop-down, select Sales & Activity Report.

  3. Leave all other drop-down options as the default selection.

  4. In the Date Range drop-down, select whichever option (Sun - Sat, Mon - Sun) matches with your Start of Week settings in Magento BI.

  5. Clear the Compare Year-Over-Year Data checkbox.

  6. Under Data Type, select Transaction Date.


  7. Click View Report.

  8. Click the Download button.

    At this point, a CSV file will be created and downloaded.

After the file is downloaded, you can upload it to Magento BI using the File Upload feature.