Importing CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) Marketing Data

To import CJ Affiliate/Commission Junction data into Magento BI, simply follow the steps below and attach the resulting file to a support ticket. We will setup the data table your account and allow you to continue uploading data independently.

Export CJ Affiliate Data

  1. In your CJ Affiliate account, go to the Reports tab.

  2. In the Performance tab, select Report Options

  3. Set Performance By equal to Program, Trend equal to Daily, and Date Range equal to the date range being audited.


  4. Select Run Report.

  5. In the File Format dropdown, select CSV. Click the Download button.


  6. After you have downloaded the file, you can upload the file to your Magento BI data warehouse.

    This creates a new table in your Magento BI data warehouse that you can continue to upload fresh data into periodically. When uploading the file, be sure to to follow the formatting requirements listed in Using the File Uploader.