Explore special filter operators

In this article, we’re going to explore a few special operators used in filters when creating a report or creating a metric.

Filter Operators

  • LIKE for pattern matching. This must be used in conjunction with the wildcard characters % (for a wildcard with a variable number of letters) or _ (for a wildcard single letter). For example, the restriction “LIKE _ake%” would return true for Jake Stein, Jake Smith, or Fake Smith. It would return false for Drake Smith.

  • NOT LIKE is similar to pattern matching above, but checks for which patterns don’t match.

  • IS checks if the column is NULL, or empty.

  • IS NOT is similar to the “IS” operator above, but checks for non-NULL columns.

  • IN checks for a value’s presence in a comma-separated list. (e.g., “Color ‘IN’ red,orange” is the equivalent of “color ‘equal to’ red” OR “color ‘equal to’ orange”).

  • NOT IN is similar to IN above, but checks for a value’s absence.