Managing Users and Permissions

Magento BI is intended to be a single source of truth across your organization. Each user will have their own set of dashboards which they can share with other users.

User Permission Levels

In Magento BI, there are three general permission levels that apply to users, which are selected when an account is created:

  • Admin
  • Standard
  • Read-Only

These permissions enable users to perform certain actions or access specific parts of Magento BI. Here's a table of what each permission level can do in Magento BI:

  Admin Standard Read Only
Create/manage users    
Create email summaries  
Create/edit/share dashboards  
View dashboards
Create/edit/delete reports ✔*  
Clone dashboards    
Add/manage integrations    
Access the Data Warehouse Manager    
Sync/unsync tables and columns    
Create/edit metrics    
Create/edit filter sets    
Create/edit calculated columns    
Create list of dependent reports    
Access System Summary    
Access Timezone settings    
Access Billing ✔**  
Contact Support

** You can limit a Standard user's access to specific metrics.

** Standard users can access Billing with an additional permission setting.

Read-Only users can only view dashboards that have been shared with them; they cannot create or edit anything in Magento BI, nor can they search for and add new dashboards to their account. Magento recommends that you share a specific set of dashboards with Read-Only users that you or another member of your team maintains. Do not clone a set of dashboards for them.

Additional permissions: Billing and Technical

In addition to the general permission levels, two other user designations also exist - Billing and Technical. These designations are intended to be used in conjunction with the general permission levels.


Billing users have access to the billing page and can change payment information. Additionally, they may also be contacted by our teams for billing questions.

Admin users have access to the Billing tab by default, but Standard users can also gain access if they have the 'Billing' checkbox selected on their profile.



Technical users don't have any permissions specific to them - this setting just marks a technical contact within your organization. These users may be contacted by our teams for technical questions.

Admins can add new users to their account by clicking Account Settings > Create Users and following the prompts. After the user is created in Magento BI, the lucky person you’re inviting will receive email instructions on how to complete the account setup process.

At any time, Admins can view all the users in their account by clicking Account Settings > Manage Users. This page displays the user’s permissions and what metrics and dashboards they have access to.