Manage Sales

All product sales in Magento Marketplace are subject to a revenue share, with 70% of the revenue for the developer, and 30% for Magento. This business model allows us to invest in marketing and promotions to grow the businesses of participating developers.

View your sales information

In the Marketplace Developer portal, in the top navigation, click Reports and then click Sales.

Marketplace Sales Performance

Field Description
Total Sales The total dollar amount of all of your sales on Marketplace.
Free Purchases The number of free products you have transacted.
Paid Purchases The number of paid products you have transacted.
Installations The number of your products that have been installed.
Refunds Magento Marketplace allows buyers up to 25 days after the date of purchase to request a refund. Requests for refunds are reviewed by the Magento Marketplace administrator. If approved, credited to the PayPal account of the purchaser.
Tab Description
Sales Lists all sales of products, installation, and support across the lifetime of the account.
Refunds Lists all refund requests along with their statuses (i.e., approved, declined, or pending).
Payouts Lists all payouts you’ve received.