Magento Marketplace User Guide

Creating a New Version

Once you have created the parent extension, the next step is to create and submit a new version.

To create a new version:

1. Log in to your account, and navigate to the Marketplace Developer Portal. On the extension details page, click Submit a New Version.

Submit a New Version


2. Enter the Marketplace Version Number as you want it to appear in the Marketplace listing. For example: 1.0.0
3. Select the Magento version compatibility and the date you would like to release the extension to the marketplace.

The date entered in Requested Launch Date is not necessarily the date the product will launch; it is the earliest it can be launched, provided the product passes all reviews.


New Version Details
4. When you are finished, click Continue to proceed to the Technical Submission page.


  • Field


    Marketplace Version Number The version number you are assigning.
    Magento Compatibility The versions of Magento with which the extension version is compatible.
    Requested Launch Date The earliest the extension can be launched, provided it passes all reviews.