Magento Marketplace User Guide

Quick Tour

Welcome to Magento Marketplace, where you will find a curated collection of products that deliver unique business solutions and improve operational efficiencies for Magento merchants. For a more personalized experience, browse through Marketplace while logged in to your Magento account. Follow along as we take a quick tour!

Welcome to Magento Marketplace!

To begin the tour:

1. Visit Magento Marketplace.
2. Scroll down through the selection of Featured Extensions, which includes extensions for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x. Make sure to use the pagination control. so you can see all extensions that are currently featured.
3. Click any extension to learn more. Then, click the name of the extension developer to learn about their company, products, and services.
4. The Extensions and Themes tabs list all the products by category. Click any link for a list of all extensions in the category.

Extension Categories
5. Choose a category to display a list of all extensions in the category, with the top extensions for each product featured first.

Top Extensions in Category
6. The first time you visit Marketplace while logged in to your Magento account, you will be prompted at some point to read the Magento Marketplace Customer Agreement. Take a moment to read the agreement. Then, mark the checkbox and tap I Agree to continue.

Marketplace Customer Agreement