Magento Marketplace User Guide

Make a Purchase

Before purchasing a product, make sure that it supports the edition and version of your Magento installation.

To purchase a product:

1. When you find a product that you’d like to buy, tap Add to Cart.

Product Profile
2. From the Shopping Cart, you can Keep Browsing through Marketplace, or Go to Checkout.

Shopping Cart
3. If you are not logged in to your account, you will be prompted to either Log In or Register for a Marketplace account.
4. The Order Review page provides a summary of the order. Because the extension in this example is free, no payment information is required. To complete the purchase and continue to the next step, tap Place Order

Order Review
5. A confirmation of the order is sent by email, with information about the purchase and links to installation instructions. From the order confirmation page, you can print a receipt, go to your account, or view the downloads that are available from your account.

Order Confirmation