Magento Marketplace User Guide

Install the Extension

Installing an extension is a three-step process that should take place during off-peak hours. Before the extension is installed, your store is put into maintenance mode, checked for readiness, and backed up. After the extension is installed, it must be configured for your store according to the developer’s instructions.

Before you begin, make sure that your system meets the prerequisites for Component Manager (v2.1). To learn more, see Component Manager and System Upgrade Guide in the developer documentation.

For additional information on installing components, modules, and extensions, see Magento User Guides by edition and version.

To install a Magento 2.x extension:

1. Log in to the Admin of your Magento store as a user with full administrator rights.

To ensure the fastest installation, verify that Cron is configured to run every minute.

2. On the Admin sidebar, click System. Then under Tools, choose Web Setup Wizard.

Web Setup Wizard
3. Tap Component Manager. Then, click the Sign In link in the upper-right corner.

Component Manager
4. When prompted, paste the Public Access Key and Private Access Key from your Marketplace account. Then, tap Sign In .To learn more, see: .

Paste Access Keys
5. To synchronize Component Manager with your Marketplace purchases, tap Sync. It might take a few minutes. When the process is complete, the number of new purchases appears with the date and time the store was last synchronized.

Component Manager
6. In the Marketplace Purchases section under New Purchases, click Install.
7. In the Extensions Grid, mark the checkbox of the extension you want to install. Then in the Action column, click the Install link for the item.

Extensions Grid
8. You're almost done! Follow these steps to complete the installation: