Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Extensions on Marketplace

How does Marketplace ensure the high quality of extensions?

The Extension Quality Program (EQP) combines Magento expertise, development guidelines, and verification tools to ensure that all extensions on Magento Marketplace meet our coding standards and best practices.

The review process includes both an automated check and manual QA review. During the process, the structure and code of each extension is examined and tested for evidence of virus/malware infection, and any indication of plagiarism. The review includes a deep technical examination and sanity check conducted by a Magento engineer, with a focus on documentation, coding structure, performance, scalability, security, and compatibility with the Magento core.

Can I still purchase extensions on different sites?

Yes, however, the Extension Quality Program applies only to extensions on Magento Marketplace. Magento cannot ensure the quality of extensions that are available through other channels.

Were all Magento 1.x extensions on Connect migrated to Magento Marketplace?

Because Magento Marketplace is a curated extension store, not all extensions that were on Connect, nor all of those submitted, receive a Marketplace listing. Only those extensions that pass business, technical, and marketing review are released to Marketplace.

Magento 1.x extensions are currently available on Magento Marketplace.


How is support managed for extensions and services?

Customers are advised to contact the provider directly for support, using the information submitted by the provider.

For support issues related to Magento Marketplace, see Marketplace Support.

Purchases and Refunds

Can extensions and themes be purchased directly from Magento Marketplace?

Yes. Magento Marketplace is a full-featured digital commerce site with integrated payments, that is based on the Magento platform. Merchants can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Is there a refund policy for extensions purchased on Magento Marketplace?

Yes. Buyers have twenty-five (25) days after the date of purchase to request a refund. Magento reviews all refund requests and if approved, issues the appropriate refund.