Magento Marketplace User Guide

Your Developer Account

When you create a new developer account for Magento Marketplace, a standard Magento account is created, but with additional information to manage your activities as an extension developer and seller. If you already have a Magento account, you can simply sign in to your existing account, and follow the prompts to register as a Magento Marketplace developer. When you complete the developer registration, the Developer Portal tab appears in your Magento account.

Account Tabs


Provides access to the standard Magento account options, including Account Settings and ID, Billing History, Certifications, Shared Access and — if applicable — Support and Partner Portal.



Manage your product purchases from Magento Marketplace, and see your current access keys, order history, and account profile information.

Developer Portal

Gain access to the tools you need to submit extensions to Magento Marketplace, and manage your sales.