Frontend Development Workflow

The Frontend Development Workflow type determines if Less compilation takes place on the client- or server side during development. Less is an extension of CSS that has additional features and conventions, and that produces streamlined code. Client-side Less compilation is recommended for theme development. Server-side compilation is the default mode. The development workflow options are not available for stores in production mode. See Client-side LESS compilation vs. server-side in the developer documentation.

The Frontend Development Workflow configuration is available in Developer Mode only.

Front-end Development Workflow

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Stores.

  2. Under Settings, choose Configuration.

  3. In the panel on the left under Advanced, choose Developer.

  4. Expand the Front-end Development Workflow section.

  5. Set Workflow Type to one of the following:

    • Client side less compilation—Compilation takes place in the browser using the native less.js library.
    • Server side less compilation—Compilation takes place on the server using the Less PHP library. This is the default mode for production.
  6. When complete, click Save Config.