Magento Commerce, 2.3.x

Action Logs Report

The Action Logs Report displays a detailed record of all admin actions that are enabled for logging. Each record is time stamped, and records the IP address and name of the user. The log detail includes admin user data and related changes that were made during the action.

Actions that you want to display in the report must be enabled in the Admin Actions Logging screen in the store settings. If the action type is checked (enabled), those types of admin actions will display in the Action Logs Report.

The report can be filtered using the options in each column. You may set a single filter option or set filter options for multiple columns to narrow the report to list specific actions. You can also export report data in either CSVComma Separated Values: A type of file used to store data values which are separated from each other by commas. or Excel XMLExtensible Markup Language: A markup format derived from SGML that it used to format information for publication and distribution. format.

The Action Logs Report includes the following information: