Shipping Partners

Carrier profiles for Magento Shipping are managed from the Stores menu. New connections to carriers can be added, and existing connections can be edited or deleted from the Shipping Partners grid.

For a complete list of supported countries and carriers, see Supported Countries.

Shipping Partners

To add a new carrier

  1. On the Admin sidebar, choose Stores.

  2. In the Shipping section, choose Carriers.

  3. To complete the setup, click Connect New Carrier.

    Available Carriers

  4. In the Available Carriers section, scroll down to find the shipping partner that you want to add.

    For a description of services, click Show more.

  5. To set up the carrier information:

    • Click Connect.

      Shipping Partners

      Complete each step as follows. Your progress is tracked at the top of the page.

      If you do not have an account, you are instructed to contact the carrier. When your account is ready, return to this step and continue.

    • In Step 1, choose Yes if you have an account with the carrier.

      Step 1: Carrier Account

    • Click Next.

    • If applicable, read the License Agreement and mark the I accept checkbox to agree to the terms, and then click Next.

      Step 2: License Agreement

    • In Step 3, add your account information. The account information must match the information in your carrier account.

      1. Enter your carrier Account Number.
      2. Add the Shipping Address and User Contact and Address information.
      3. In the Locality field, enter the city.

      Step 3: Account Details

  6. Click Save.

To edit an existing carrier

  1. Find the carrier in the Shipping Partners grid. Then in the Action column, select Configure.

  2. Make the necessary changes to the carrier profile.

  3. Click Save.

Field Descriptions

Field Description
Carrier Connection Nickname The name that is used for the carrier during checkout.
Locations Identifies each shipping location that can be used by the carrier.
Services Identifies each shipping service that is provided by the carrier.