Discount with Minimum Purchase

Cart price rules can be used to offer a percentage discount based on a minimum purchase. In the following example, a 25% discount is applied to all purchases over $200.00 in a specific category. The format of the discount is as follows:

X% off all Y (category) over $Z dollars

Step 1. Create a Shopping Cart Rule

Follow the basic instructions to create a cart rule.

Step 2. Define the Conditions

  1. Scroll down and expand the Conditions section.

  2. Tap Add (), and choose Product Attribute Combination.

    Product Attribute Combination

  3. Tap Add () at the beginning of the next line. Then in the list under Product Attribute, choose Category.


    • Click the () “more” link to display additional options.

      Category IS

    • Tap the Chooser () button to see the available categories. In the category tree, mark the checkbox of each category that you want to include. Then, press Enter to add the categories to the condition.

      Category IS

  4. Tap Add () at the beginning of the next line, and do the following:

    • In the list under Cart Item Attribute, choose Price in cart.

      Category IS

    • Click is and choose “equals or greater than”.

    • Click and enter the amount that the Price in Cart must be to meet the condition. For example, enter 200.

      Enter the Price to Complete the Condition

  5. Tap Save and Continue Edit .

Step 3. Define the Actions

  1. Expand the Actions section, and do the following:


    • Set Apply to “Percent of product price discount”.

    • Enter the Discount Amount. For example, enter “25” for a twenty-five percent discount.

    • To prevent additional promotions from being applied to the purchase, set Discard subsequent rules to “Yes”.

  2. Tap Save and Continue Edit. Then, complete the rule as needed.

Step 4. Complete the Labels

Complete Step 4 of the cart price rule instructions to enter any labels that appear during checkout.

Step 5: Save and Test the Rule

  1. When complete, tap Save Rule.

  2. Test the rule to make sure that it works correctly. Price rules are automatically processed with other system rules each night. When you create a new price rule, allow enough time for it to get into the system. Then, test the rule to make sure that it works correctly.