Creating a Tag to Track Conversions

If you have a Google AdWords account, you can create a tag that tracks conversions. The following example shows how to use both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to create a tag that fires on your store’s conversion “Success” page.

Step 1. Create a Tag

  1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account. Then, click the link for the container that you created for your store.

  2. In the New Tag box, tap Add a new tag.

    Google Tag Manager

  3. Get the following information from your AdWords account:

    • Conversion ID
    • Conversion Label

    If you need help, visit Google’s support site.

  4. From the Google Tag Manager dashboard, tap Google AdWords. Then, do the following:

    • Tap the title placeholder, and enter a name for the new tag.

    • Under Choose Product, select Google Adwords.

      Choose Product

    • Under Choose a Tag Type, select AdWords Conversion Tracking. Then, tap Continue.

  5. Enter the Conversion ID and Conversion Label from your AdWords account. Then, tap Continue.

    Configure Tag

Step 2. Create a Rule

Continuing from the Google Tag Manager dashboard, the next step is to create a rule that fires the tag on the conversion page.

  1. Under Fire On, tap Some Pages.

  2. In the Choose Pages section, complete the following settings:

    Name: Enter a name for the page description.
    Variable: url
    Operation: matches RegEx. To learn more, see: What is “matches regex” for? in Tag Manager Help
    Value: checkout/success.*

    Conversion Page Location

  3. Mark the green checkbox, and tap Save. The trigger that you set up appears as a blue button in the Fire On section.

  4. When complete, tap Save Tag.

Step 3. Preview and Publish

The next step in the process is to preview the tag. Each time the tag is previewed, a snapshot of the version is saved. When you are satisfied with the results, go to the version that you want to use, and tap Publish.