Import Your Contacts

Your Engagement Cloud account is synced with your store, and maintains up-to-date address books of your customers, guests, and subscribers.

To view your contacts

  1. On the Engagement Cloud menu, choose Campaigns > My campaigns.

    The contact list in the main menu at the top of the page includes customer, guest and subscription data that is automatically imported from your store.

    My Contacts

  2. To view the import report, click the Notifications bell ( ) in the upper-right corner.

    Address Books

  3. In the first message, click import report.


  4. In the Notifications list, click import report.

    The Contacts import report includes a summary of all subscribers as well as duplicates, failures, soft and hard bounces, invalid email addresses, and those who have unsubscribed, or have been blocked, globally suppressed, or otherwise blacklisted. You can use this report to help keep your data clean.

    Import Report

  5. After reading the report, tap Go to address book.

  6. In the main menu, return to Contacts > My Contacts. This time, click the Magento_Customers address book.

  7. To see all the things you can do with your customer data, click More actions.

    Using what we have covered so far, you should be able to create a newsletter campaign and send it to your list of subscribers.