My Wish List

Your wish list is a convenient way to keep track of products that you like, but are not ready to buy. Items from your wish list can be shared with others or added to the shopping cart.

My Wish List

To update the product listing:

  1. From your wish list, point to the product to display the options.

  2. To add a Comment about the product, enter the text in the box below the price.

    Edit Options

  3. To change the selection of product options, click Edit. Then, do the following:

    • Update the options on the product detail page.
    • Click Update Wish List.

To add a product to the cart:

  1. In your wish list, point to the product that you want to add.

  2. Update the Qty and edit the other options as necessary.

  3. Click Add to Cart.

To share your wish list:

  1. Click Share Wishlist.

  2. Enter the email address of each person who is to receive your wish list, separated by a comma.

  3. Add a Message to be included in the email.

  4. Click Share Wish List.

    Share Your Wish List

    The message is sent from your primary store contact and includes a thumbnail image of each product, with links to your store.

    Shared Wish List Email