Address Book

Customers who keep their address books current can speed through the checkout process. The address book contains the customer’s default billing and shipping addresses, and any additional addresses that they frequently use. Additional address entries are easy to access and maintain from the grid.  Each customer’s address book can manage over 3,000 address book entries without impacting performance.

Address Book

To add a new address:

  1. In the sidebar of your customer account, choose Address Book.

  2. On the Address Book page under Additional Address Entries, tap Add New Address. Then, do the following:

    Add New Address

    • Complete the contact and address information.

      By default, the customer’s first and last names initially appear in the form.

    • Mark the following checkboxes to indicate how the address is to be used. Mark both checkboxes if the same address is used for billing and shipping.

      • Use as my default billing address
      • Use as my default shipping address
  3. When complete, tap Save Address.

    The new address appears in the grid.