Data Mapping

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Data Fields Mapping establishes the relationship between Engagement Cloud and specific customer information and activity in your store. After Engagement Cloud is enabled, the available options for each data field are pulled from the database that is associated with the website.

The field definitions in on this page are not yet complete.

Customer Information

Customer Information

Field Scope Description
Title Website


Customer ID Website


Firstname Website


Lastname Website


D.O.B. Website


Gender Website


Created At Website


Last Logged in Date Website


Customer Group Website


Review Count Website


Last Review Date Website


Subscriber Status Website




Field Scope Description
Billing Address Line 1 Website


Billing Address Line 2 Website


Billing State Website


Billing Country Website


Billing Postcode Website


Billing Telephone Website


Billing Company Website


Delivery Address 1 Website


Delivery Address 2 Website


Delivery City Website


Delivery State Website


Delivery Country Website


Delivery Postcode Website


Delivery Telephone Website


Delivery Company Website




Field Scope Description
Total Number of Orders Website  
Average Order Value Website  
Total Spend Website  
Last Purchase Date Website


Last Increment ID Website


Total Refund Website


Most Purchased Category Website


Most Purchased Brand Website


Most  Frequent Day of Purchase Website


Most Frequent Month of Purchase Website


First Category Purchased Website


Last Category Purchased Website


First Brand Purchased Website


Last Brand Purchased Website


System Values

System Values

Field Scope Description
Website Name Website  
Store Name Website  
Last Order ID Website  
Last Quote ID Website  
Abandoned Product Name Website  

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes

Field Scope Description
Attribute Website  
Data Field Website  
Action Website  
Add New Attribute    
 customer Information
Customer Segments Website  

Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data

Field Scope Description
Reward Points
Points Website  
Reward Amount Website  
Expiration Date Website  
Last Used Date Website  
 customer Information
Customer Segments Website  

Create Data Field

Create Data Field

Field Scope Description
Data Field Name Website The name of the new data field.
Data Field Type Website The type of the new data field. Options: String (text), Numeric, Date
Default Value Website The initial value that appears in the field.
Visibility Website Determines if the field is visible to general the public, or to logged in users. Options: Private / Public
Create New Data Field

Creates the new data field.