Rotating Banners

DEPRECATED: Page Builder’s advanced content tools replace the previous banner functionality as described in this topic. We keep this content in the user guide as a convenience for those whose stores have customizations that prevent them from using Page Builder.

A banner rotator can be used to display a single banner, or multiple banners in a specific sequence or random order. The next banner in the sequence appears whenever the page is refreshed.

The banner rotator is a widget that can be assigned to a specific page, product, or category, and placed most anywhere in your store. In addition, banner rotators can be associated with a specific cart or catalog price rule.

Step 1: Create the Individual Banners

Create the individual banners that you want to include in the rotator.

Step 2: Add a Widget

Follow the basic steps to add a widget.

  • Set Type to “Banner Rotator”.
  • Under Layout Updates, choose the page and location where the banner rotator is to appear.

Step 3: Configure the Banner Rotator

  1. In the left panel, choose Widget Options. Then, do the following:

    • Set Banners to Display to “Specified Banners.”

    • (Optional) To limit the banner to a certain area of the page, set Restrict by Banner Types to the place on the page where you want the banner to appear.

    • Set Rotation Mode to one of the following:

      • Do not rotate, display all at once
      • One at a time, Random
      • One at a time, Series
      • One at a time, Shuffle
  2. To choose the banners to be included in the rotator, do the following:

    • In the Specify Banners section, use Search to find the banners you want to include. If necessary, tap Reset Filter to list all the available banners.

    • Mark the checkbox of each banner you want to include in the rotator.

    • To set the sequence of each banner in relation to the others, enter a number in the Position column. To place a banner in the first position, enter the number 1.

  3. When complete, tap Save.

Option Description
Display On Categories Determines the categories where the banner rotator appears.
Anchor CategoriesAppears only on anchored category pages listed in the layered navigation.
Non-Anchor CategoriesAppears only on non-anchored category pages, which are category pages that are not shown in the layered navigation.
ProductsDisplays the banner rotator for a specific product, or type of product. Options: All Product TypeSimple Product
Grouped Product
Configurable Product
Bundle Product
Virtual Product
Gift Card
Categories Displays the banner rotator for only the categories selected.
Block Reference Assigns the banner rotator to a specific location by reference. Options:
BreadcrumbsLeft ColumnMain Content AreaMy Cart Extra ActionsNavigation BarPage BottomPage Footer BeforePage Footer BottomPage HeaderPage TopRight ColumnStore Language
Template Options include: Banner Block Template, Banner Inline Template
Option Description
Banners to Display Options: Specified BannersShopping Cart Promotions RelatedCatalog Promotions Related
Restrict by Banner Types Limits the banner to a certain section. Options:Content AreaFooterHeaderLeft ColumnRight Column
Rotation Mode Select the rotation mode for the banners. Options:
Do not rotateDisplay one banner after the other, in a stack where all are visible.
One at a time, RandomDisplays the banners that you specify in a randomly generated order. Every time the page is refreshed, a different (and random) banner appears.
One at the time, SeriesDisplays the banners that you specify by the order of their position every time the page is refreshed.
One at the time, ShuffleDisplays one banner at a time in a shuffled position order. This option is similar to the One at a time, Random option, except that the same banner does not repeat back-to-back (unless you have only one banner).
Specify Banners Select the banners to include from the list of available banners.