Gift Card Accounts

A gift card account is automatically created for each Gift Card that is purchased. The value of the gift card can then be applied toward the purchase of a product in your store. You can also create gift card accounts from the Admin as a promotion or service for customers. The gift card account number corresponds to the gift card code.

Gift Card Accounts

To examine an existing gift card account:

  1. If you need to find the number of the gift card account for a current order, do the following:

    • On the Admin sidebar, tap Sales. Then under Operations, choose Orders.

    • Find the order in the list, and in the Action column, click View.

    • Scroll down to the Items Ordered section. The number is in the Product column, under Gift Card Accounts.

  2. On the Admin sidebar, tap Marketing.

  3. Under Promotions, choose Gift Card Accounts.

  4. Find the gift card account in the grid, and open in edit mode.

    The Gift Card Code appears at the top of the Information section.

    Gift Card Account Information

To create a gift card account:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Marketing.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click the Add Gift Card Account button. Then, do the following:

    New Account

  3. In the Information section, make sure that Active is set to “Yes.” Then, do the following:

    • To make the card balance redeemable at checkout, or transferred to the customer’s store credit, set Redeemable to “Yes.”

    • Choose the Website where the gift card account can be used.

    • Enter the initial Balance on the gift card.

    • To set an Expiration Date for the gift card, select the date from the calendar . If left blank, the gift card account will not expire.

    Gift Card Information

  4. In the panel on the left, choose Send Gift Card. Then, do the following:

    • Enter the Recipient Email address.

    • Enter the Recipient Name.

    • Set Send Email from the Following Store View to the store view that appears as the sender of the gift card notification.

    Send Gift Card Settings

  5. Do one of the following:

    • If you are not ready to send the gift card, tap Save.

    • Tap Save & Send Email to save the changes and send the gift card by email to the recipient.