Magento Open Source 2.3.x

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Warning Messages

Some combinations of tax-related options might be confusing to customers and trigger a warning. These conditions might occur when the tax calculation method is set to “Row” or “Total,” and the customer is presented with prices that both exclude and include tax, or a tax on an item basis in the cart. Because the tax calculation is rounded, the amount that appears in the cart might differ from the amount that a customer expects to pay.

If your tax calculation is based on a problematic configuration, the following warnings appear:

  • Warning. Tax discount configuration might result in different discounts than a customer might expect for store(s); Europe Website (French), Europe Website (German). Please see source for more details.

    Warning. Tax configuration can result in rounding errors for store(s): Europe Websites (French), Europe Websites (German).

Calculation Settings

Use the following tables for reference when configuring tax calculation settings:

Calculation Settings
Discount Settings

We strongly recommend that you use the following settings to avoid issues when configuring taxes in relation to discounts.

  • Recommended Settings


    Recommended Setting

    Apply Customer Tax

    After Discount

    Apply Discount on Prices

    US and Canada

    Excluding Tax


    Including Tax