System Menu

The System Menu includes tools to import and export data, install extensions, manage system caches and indexes, manage permissions, backups, system notifications, and custom variables.

Display the System menu

On the Admin sidebar, click System.

Main Sections

Data Transfer

These tools provide give you the ability to manage multiple records in a single operation. You can import new items, and also update, replace, and delete existing products and tax rates.


Manage integrations and extensions for your store.


Use this collection of tools to manage your system resources, including cache and index management, backups, and installation settings.


Magento uses roles and permissions to create different levels of access for Admin users, which gives you the ability to grant permission on a “need to know” basis to people who work on your site.

Other Settings

Manage the notifications in your inbox, create custom variables, and generate a new encryption key.

Amazon Logs

The Amazon Logs section provides access to Client and IPN logs, if enabled in the Developer Options section of the Amazon Pay configuration.