Shipment Workflow

The value of the Status column in the Shipments grid reflects the state of the shipment as it moves through the workflow. If the Status column isn’t currently visible in the Shipments grid, you can change the grid layout to include the column. Then, use the grid controls to filter the shipments by status.

You receive your customer’s order. A quote is generated for the shipment. (Status: Pending) The shipment is booked with a carrier. (Status: Fulfilled)
Shipment is dispatched. An attempt to dispatch is in progress (Status: Completing) The dispatch is complete. (Status: Completed)
Shipment canceled. The shipment is canceled. (Status: Canceled)

To show the Shipment Status column

  1. On the Admin menu, choose Sales.

  2. Choose Shipments.

  3. In the upper-right corner, click the Columns control.

  4. Mark the Shipment Status checkbox.

Show Shipment Status

Shipment Status

Status Description
Pending A quote has been generated for the shipment, but it is not yet booked with a carrier.
Fulfilled A booking has been made for the shipment, and it is ready for dispatch.
Completing An attempt to dispatch the shipment is in progress.
Completed The dispatch is complete.
Canceled The shipment has been canceled.