Shipping Experiences

Use the Shipping Experiences option in the Magento Shipping Portal menu to create rules that automate the shipping process. Each shipping experience rule is associated with a specific step in the shipment workflow. Shipping experiences are managed in the Magento Shipping Portal, but can be accessed in the Magento Admin (Stores > Shipping > Experiences).

Most shipping experience rules are dependent on the configuration for your Locations, Carriers, and Packaging shipping profiles, you should complete the basic setup for each before creating a shipping experience rule.

Shipping Experience

Shipment Workflow

Your customer is ready to check out their cart.
- Qualify Rules
You receive your customer’s order.
- Allocation
- Rules
- Quoting Rules
- Batch Fulfillment Rules
- Fulfillment Rules
Shipment is dispatched.
Delivery arrives.

See Create a Shipping Experience Rule.