Processing an Order

When a customer places an order, a sales order is created as a temporary record of the transaction. The sales order has a status of “Pending” until payment is received. Sales orders can be edited while pending, and can be canceled up until the time that an invoice is generated. An easy way to think of it is this: Orders become invoices, and invoices become shipments. The Orders grid lists all orders, regardless of where they are in the workflow.


To view an order:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Sales.

  2. In the Operations section, choose Orders.

  3. Find the order in the grid.

  4. In the Action column, click View.

  5. Check order status:

    • A pending order can be modified, put on hold, canceled, or invoiced and shipped.

    • A completed order can be reordered.

The panel on the left of an open order provides access to different types of information that is related to the order.

View Order

Order View Descriptions

Tab Description
Information Display detailed information about the order and account, including the billing and shipping addresses, payment and shipping methods, items orders, totals, and notes.
Invoices Lists each invoice that is associated with the order.
Credit Memos Lists each credit memo that is associated with the order.
Shipments Lists each shipment record that is associated with the order.
Comments History Lists all notes that are related to the order.

Button Bar

Button Description
Back Returns to the Orders page without saving changes.
Cancel Cancels the sales order.
Send Email Sends an email about the order to the customer.
Hold / Unhold Changes the status of the sales order to “On Hold”. To release the hold on the sales order, choose “Unhold”.
Invoice Creates an invoice from the sales order by converting the order to an invoice.
Ship Creates a shipment record for the order.
Reorder Creates a new sales order based on the current order.
Edit Opens a pending order in edit mode. The Edit button isn’t visible for orders with a status of “Processing”.

To process an order:

To open a pending sales order, click the Edit button in the upper-right corner.

Orders can be edited only while the status is Pending. The Edit button is not visible for orders that are Processing.

Edit Sales Order

Review the following sections in the sales order, using the field descriptions for reference.

Order and Account Information

Order and Account Information

Field Description  
Order Information    
Order Number The order number appears at the top of the sales order, and also in the Order & Account Information, followed by a note that indicates if the confirmation email was sent.  
Order Date The date and time the order was placed.
Purchased From Indicates the website, store, and store view where the order was placed.  
Placed from IP Indicates the IP address of the computer from which the order was placed.  
Account Information    
Customer Name The name of the customer who placed the order. The Customer Name is linked to the customer profile.  
Email The email address of the customer. The email address is linked to open a new email message.  
Customer Group The name of the customer group to which the customer is assigned.

Address Information

Address Information

Field Description
Billing Address The name of the customer who placed the order, followed by the billing address, telephone number and VAT, if applicable. The telephone number is linked to autodial on a mobile device.
Shipping Address The name of the person to whose attention the order should be shipped, followed by the shipping address and telephone number. The telephone number is linked to autodial on a mobile device.

Payment & Shipping Method

Payment & Shipping Method

Field Description
Payment Information The method of payment to be used for the order, and purchase order number, if applicable, followed by the currency that was used to place the order.
Shipping & Handling Information The shipping method to be used, and any handling fee that is applicable.

To review items ordered:

Items Ordered

In the Order Total section, do the following:

  1. Enter a Comment to include with the order.

  2. If you want to email the comment to the customer, mark the Notify Customer by Email checkbox.

  3. If you want the comment to be visible in the customer account, mark the Visible on Storefront checkbox.

    Order Total

  4. If you are ready to invoice the order, click Invoice. Then follow the instructions to Create an Invoice.

Field Description  
Items Ordered    
Product The product name, SKU, and options if applicable.  
Item Status Indicates the status of the item. Value: Ordered  
Original Price The original catalog price of the item before discounts.  
Price The purchase price of the item.  
Qty The quantity ordered.  
Subtotal The subtotal is the purchase price multiplied by the quantity.  
Tax Amount The amount of tax that applies to the item as a decimal value.  
Tax Percent The percentage of tax applied to this item as a percentage.  
Discount Amount The discount that applies to this item.  
Row Total The line item total, including applicable taxes that are due at the product level, less discounts.  
Notes for this Order    
Status Indicate the current status of the sales order.  
Comment A text box that is used to enter a comment to the customer that accompanies the order.
Notify Customer by Email - Mark the checkbox if you want to send the comment to the customer as a separate email.
Visible on Storefront - Mark the checkbox if you want the comment to be visible from the customer’s account.
Submit Comment - Submits the comment and sends by email, if applicable.
Order Totals  
Shipping & Handling The amount charged for shipping and handling fees.  
Tax The amount of tax applied to the order, if applicable.
Grand Total The order total.  
Total Paid The total amount paid toward the order, if applicable.  
Total Refunded The total amount refunded from the order, if applicable.  
Total Due The total amount that is due.