Google Shopping ads Channel will be disabled on April 28, 2020. See End of Life for more information.

Resolving Product Errors

Your products may be disapproved due to incorrect information, mapped attributes, display issues, broken policies, and so on. The following instructions and information help you review and resolve your account issues. When you open an error, all products sharing that error are listed with additional information and a link to Google policies and instructions. Click through each product to actively edit and resolve those issues through the Magento Admin.

Important information about resolving errors:

  • As you save changes, product data automatically syncs to Google using a cron job. Reviews may take additional time to initiate and complete. After onboarding completes, we check for product approval with Google every 30 minutes. Google may require up to 10 days to review all products submitted in your onboarding process.
  • You may see multiple product issues for the same product. Each store view you added during onboarding created a separate feed in GMC. If a product has errors, you may see that error reported for each store view. For example, if you have 3 store views, 3 errors may display for the same product (one for each view).
  • If you have a large number of products with the same error, you may be able to solve it by creating a Magento attribute, configuring it for your products, and mapping it to a Google attribute. This resolves errors in bulk.

Review Google’s Product data specification to best understand the product data used by Google. The following information and our best practices and troubleshooting may help resolve issues.

  • Your products may break policies on Prohibited Content.
  • Ensure your products prices and availability (in or out of stock) match between your online storefront and GMC account. The quantity can differ and does not affect approval. Google uses the Magento Regular Price and Special Price. See Google’s Troubleshooter: Preemptive product disapproval (price and availability).
  • Consider not selling products that require personalization or customization during checkout. See Google’s Troubleshooter: Personalized goods.
  • Determine if your products require a GTIN or Unique Product Identifier using Google’s decision form.
  • Images may not display correctly due to a number of possible issues including lag in updating files, caching of old images after you provide new images, images use unsupported formats (JPG, PNG, GIF are supported), image URLs have changed or are incorrect, redirection issues, file size issues, and a few other possibilities. See Google’s Fix images that aren’t displaying.

To resolve product errors:

Use these instructions to resolve all product issues.

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Marketing. Then under Advertising Channels, click Google Shopping ads.

  2. In the GMC Accounts table, locate an account with Product Status of “Disapprovals”. In the Actions column, click Views Details.

  3. Click Product Disapprovals. A list of all grouped product issues displays.

    Product Disapprovals

  4. For each issue, click Resolve in the Actions column.

  5. The Resolve Errors page displays with issue information, a link to Google guidelines, and a list of products disapproved for the issue.

    Product Issues to Resolve

  6. For each product, click Edit in the Action column.

    1. Update information and settings in the product based on the error.

    2. Save the product changes.

    3. Review and update each product in the list.

  7. When complete, click Back to continue resolving errors.