Amazon Store Dashboard

In the Amazon Stores view on Amazon Sales Channel home page, you can click View Store on a store card to open the store dashboard.

The store dashboard is the primary location for you to view the activity for each of your Amazon stores. With your Amazon Seller stores added and integrated, orders and sales track through your store data view. On the dashboard, you can view revenue, track trends, and review sales data for your listings. Listings and sales are further grouped and tracked by listing type, including active, inactive, and in-progress.

You can also access your store settings, manage your listings, and view sales data and recent order information.

Amazon Store Dashboard

The header of the store dashboard displays the same basic store information that is shown on the store card:

  • Store Name
  • Magento Website
  • Status
  • Created
  • Last Updated

The store dashboard also includes store data and links to settings or more information:

  • Store Settings - Access your store settings and reports.

  • Store Listings - Shows a graphical representation for the store sales for the last 7 or 30 days along with lifetime sales data.

    This section also shows listing counts for your active listings, inactive listings, and in progress listings, along with links to their corresponding Product Listings page. You can also click Manage Listings to open the Product Listings page.

    In Progress Listings are either your Ready to List listings or your Incomplete Listings, depending on your Product Listing Actions settings.
    If Automatic List Action is set to:
    - Do Not Automatically List Eligible Products, the link opens your Ready to List listings.
    - Automatically List Eligible Products, the link opens your Incomplete listings.

  • Recent Orders - Shows information for your last 60 orders that have been placed in the Amazon store (through your Amazon Seller Central account). Information shown includes:

    • Purchase Date
    • Order Number

      You can click the Amazon order number shown in the Order Number column to access the order details and fulfillment information. If order import is enabled in your Order Settings, clicking the order number link will open the order in the Magento Orders workflow. If order import is disabled in your Order Settings, clicking the order number link will open the order details in Amazon Seller Central.

    • Status
    • Buyer’s Name
    • Grand Total
  • Seller Central links - Provides links to important Amazon Seller Central information.