Increase Average Order Value

Magento provides a range of tools to help you tailor the shopping experience, and encourage your customers to put more items in their shopping carts and spend more money.

Targeted Promotions
Use catalog and shopping cart price rules to create promotions that kick into gear when a set of conditions is met.
Create limited-time offers and coupons that customers can scan with their phone and apply to a purchase.
Product Suggestions
Another way to increase AOV is to offer suggestions for related products and opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell at strategic points along the path to conversion.
User Permissions and Roles
Restrict access to data in the Admin on a “need to know” basis. Create multiple admin roles for read-only or editing privileges. Track and review all activity at a granular level to specific stores and websites.
Full-Page Caching
Enhance performance by caching primary pages. Caching pages improves server response times, reduces load, and increases sustainable traffic. You can use tags to define which components to cache, so that only relevant pages are cached as updates take place. It also has the ability to identify and differentiate visitors from shoppers.
Index Management
Automatic reindexing takes place whenever prices change, shopping carts are updated, or new categories created. Reindexing is a background process that does not interfere with store operations.